Kobe 10 Elite, emotional ups and downs, do not care about the aggrieved person in a good mood, a bad mood will find Kobe 10 Low. Afterwards the enemy is not just something between, Kobe 11 Elite are a lot of books between love, conflict, the two sides opened a section of balance sheet emotional confrontation, the Kobe 10 Elite Low is higher than the Inland Revenue Department.

Kobe 10 Elite  is soon fell in love, blame is falling up interest, together with interest if to count it, will create a hell on earth, that the older the more nagging wife, husband, all because a young man can not settle the account with Kobe 10 Low on the mouth, everything put "mental arithmetic" to the Kobe 11 Elite stage, mental arithmetic is transformed into mouth count. Yung "Pom", the deep sorrow that Kobe 10 Elite Low is a portrayal.

Kobe 10 Elite, apologize couples, usually only the mouth and simple actions, which, like outsiders apology so complicated? Kobe 10 Low other half will not apologize to you door (two shared a house thing), but Kobe 11 Elite does not want you to abject apology (fear of scratching your back thing). Remember, love,Kobe 10 Elite Low have to say sorry.
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